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In the spotlight, behind the piano, and underneath the halo of a signature “rose crown, ROZES lets her voice, message, and spirit ring out as loudly as possible.

Within just five years, an unfiltered, unbridled, and undeniable musical release of emotion quietly established her as one of pop’s most ubiquitous voices—streamed over 1 billion-plus times and praised by everyone from Entertainment Weekly and Marie Claire to Paper Mag and Pitchfork.

2019 sees her open the floodgates of feeling as she fully embraces a natural approach like never before.

“I just need to sing and feel music,” she exclaims. “Organic creation is what I embrace as an artist. Over the past year, I’ve matured the most in my life. I’m actively an adult now.  My songs had to embody the change. I’m the type of person who needs to go through phases. However, I always wanted to get to back to the way I started—sitting at the piano and writing.”

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